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Art inspires art; that is its nature. This series of poems and drawings exchanged with my dear friend Susana Amundaraín had its beginnings in the initial poem I wrote in response to an actual birdhouse collaged by another dear friend, Suellen Einarsen. The poem was an attempt to respond to the object itself and to my life at that moment. I sent the poem to Susana, and unknown to me, she began making drawings based on phrases in the poem. She made a number of these drawings on 18 x 24 black paper, and when I was finally able to see some of them (we have lived on opposite coasts and in different countries through much of our lives, and through several collaborations) I was inspired to write new responses. Most of these verses were written as I looked at the drawings over the few days I spent visiting her. This poem is shorter, less concrete than the first. The birdhouse has metamorphosed into the dimensions, real and imaginary, of the drawings. After I returned home, Susana began to make more drawings, smaller, based on the new birdhouse poem. Perhaps these later, sparer exchanges are a kind of shorthand we’ve developed through our collaboration, our knowledge of each other’s art and our mutual admiration and love. Is the birdhouse actually the art house?


Carol Ciavonne


"It is a treasure. I really loved and was moved by your comments about the book at the beginning, that art inspires art inspires art...and then as I kept reading further - the intricacy, the deepening of your dialogue with Susana. Looking back and forth back and forth till I am not sure what is the "visual" art what is the "written" art. wow."
-Amy Pinto
Co-founder Imaginists Theater Group, Santa Rosa, CA


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