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Ricardo Teruel (b. 1956 Caracas, Venezuela)

Mr. Teruel is a composer, performer, video-artist and educator. He plays the piano, English concertina, self-made instruments, toys, various objects and electronic instruments.

Mr. Teruel holds degrees in piano performance from the Juan Manuel Olivares Music Conservatory (Caracas), electronic engineering and a Master's degree in music composition from the Universidad Simón Bolívar (Caracas).

He has performed extensively as a soloist, playing his own music in solo recitals, chamber music concerts, and with multiple orchestras.

His works include video-art, symphony music, a children's opera, concertos, chamber music, solo piano music, songs, incidental music for dance, films and TV documentaries, electronic and experimental music, sound poetry and works for voluntary audience participation.

Mr. Teruel's processes include digitally synthesizing and manipulating sounds and images with a variety of freeware resources.

He has created musical instruments with materials from general hardware and toy stores and also written original scripts, libretti, lyrics, plays and poetry.

His creative work has received nineteen national and three international awards.

Mr. Teruel has been teaching composition and electronic music for over twenty years.

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