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Recuerdos del Alambre

by Julio d'Escriván

Recuerdos was written for the Early Music specialist Rubén Riera. The work interrogates the sound imagery of the baroque period through sampling and digital manipulation of Riera's own recordings of Canarios (1675) by Gaspar Sanz. Three sound categories were created to evoque the baroque: slow onset sounds with tonal content to reinforce modal harmony; short sounds with an unstable onset that recall the harpsichord, virginal and spinet, including sound artefacts that give away the performer's instrumental gesture in the original sample; sounds with rhythmic content to create 'motor-patterns' and temporary contrapuntal textures. In the instrumental part, I chose to include the mannerisms of the Theorbo as much as possible while the details of ornamentation are Riera's originals. The work is in essence a triptych that includes a brief acousmatic portion in the middle.

Julio d'Escriván


Recuerdos del Alambre - 2005 (theorbo & electronics)  11:40 (one movement)  score $20.00



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