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Yara's Dreams

Yara's Dreams was written for written for the Shaler's Middle School String Orchestra in the year 2003 while I was the recipient of a grant by Meet the Composer and its Pittsburgh New Residency program. Yara was the aboriginal name given to a very important figured in the Venezuelan folklore, better known as María Lionza. In Venezuela, I grew up with the invisible presence of María Lionza, the daughter of a native Indian chief, something to do with a legend, something to do with a queen, or something magic. There are two pieces of mine, Yara's Dreams and El Sentir de María Lionza that came to be as a reflective response to the socio-political crisis that invades my native country at this time. This is a time of unrest as it was the time of the Spanish Conquest, when this legend takes place. I wanted to depict the confrontation of two worlds, the Venezuelan indigenous people and the Spanish conquerors. A confrontation that would change both cultures forever.

Multiple versions of María Lionza's legend exist, but nothing speaks of Venezuelan magical spirituality stronger than this popular myth. In a way she represents the unifying element in the different races that blended in the country. Her image fluctuates between that of a Native Indian princess to a more European queen, a queen Mary, the great Mother of God.

Efraín Amaya

For more about María Lionza visit this site:

A Girardian reading of the myth of Maria Lionza

Instrumentation: String orchestra.

Duration: ca. 9:30


  • Yara's Dreams -2003 (string orchestra) 5:30 (three movements)

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