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Aguaclara is a piece that developed as I was dwelling in my memories of clear waters by a sunny beach- Perhaps one of those suspended fragments in time when we are one with nature and the world is friendly. The music addresses that transparency and youthful joy.

This is the second piece I wrote after Jim Whipple and I received our three-year Grant through Meet The Composer, Inc. in November of 2001. Renaissance City Winds as one of the partners in this Grant asked me to write a piece for them to premier in their 2001-2002 Season.

The idea of writing for this particular combination, woodwind quintet plus cello, was very appealing and new. So I started looking for a sonority that would be fresh and colorful. A little bit like the ocean by the coral reefs. Aguaclara is in one movement and it's about six and a half minutes long.

Efraín Amaya


Review by The Post-Gazette about Aguaclara (2-12-2002)

By Andrew Druckenbrod, Post-Gazette Classical Music Critic:

"When it came to the Renaissance City Winds alone (plus a cello), two of three pieces made an impact. One, a product of a Meet the Composer grant, was a premiere by Carnegie Mellon University composer Efrain Amaya. His single movement "Aguaclara" was a joyous study in rhythm. Adding a cello to the traditional woodwind quintet created an attractive texture. The music -- sometimes cascading, sometimes monolithic -- bounced together over driving beats."

Instrumentation: Woodwind Quintet & Cello

Duration: ca. 6:30


  • Aguaclara - 2002 (woodwind quintet and cello)  6:30 (one movement)

    Full score & parts (6) $30.00

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