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El Amolador

"El Amolador" was written in 1992 for Venezuelan flutist Luis Julio Toro. This work portrays the street cries of "the Knife Grinder", a Spanish tradition still alive in Venezuela today. Also known to many other Latin-American countries, "the Knife Grinder" is a street vendor whose job, as the title suggest, is to sharpen dull knives. The vendor usually roams the streets calling out "amolador" and uses a harmonic flute to announce his services. The work is in two parts, part A resembling the call and B resembling the sound of the blades on the grindstone.


  • El Amolador - 1992 (flute solo)  6:00 (one movement) &

    Luvina - 1992 (bass flute & reverb.)  5:35 (one movement)  Score $15.00

    El Amolador  Luvina



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