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Parasol (literally "stop-sun" in Spanish) was written for the Shaler Middle School Honor's Band. Since it was written for young players I wanted to write a piece that was challenging and yet engaging for them. Parasol is based on the "clave" rhythmical pattern that it is so much used in Latin American folk music. This pattern is the frame for a very catchy tune, which is orchestrated differently each time creating different "shades" of the same up-beat music. Throughout the winter of 2002 when I wrote this piece, I had been yearning for the times when I was young and lived in Caracas. Back then; I used to go to the beach every weekend. The beaches in Venezuela are fantastic and the one thing that will amaze you right away is the sun and its light. The sun at these beaches is both a blessing in its clear light and a deadly weapon to your skin. To survive in these beaches you needed either a palm tree or a parasol. Once you were in the shade there was nothing to stop you from happiness.

Efraín Amaya

Instrumentation: *2/2/2/2 - 4/2/3/1 - timp - 4 perc. - str

There is also a wind ensemble version.

Duration: ca. 4:00


  • Parasol - 2002 4:00 (one movement) Parts Music Rental only

    Full score $16.00

  • Parasol - 2002 4:00 (one movement) Wind Ensemble Version.

    Full score & Set of Parts $80.00 (Full score $16.00, Set of Parts $64.00)
  • Score and/or set of parts


    Photo: Mark Sink (1989, Margarita Island, Venezuela)



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