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Sidewalk Divertimenti

Sidewalk Divertimenti is a piece in three movements: Rayuela (hopscotch), Metras (marbles) and Trompos y Perinolas (tops and teetotums). While writing this piece I was thinking of all the games I used to play and see people play on the sidewalks of my neighborhood. I grew up on a very busy part of Caracas, Venezuela. There were no parks around and no place for kids to really go and play, so we were always hanging out on the sidewalks. I think this is why these games mean so much to me, because they were the main source of entertainment for us. I must confess that I never really played hopscotch, it kind of belonged to the girls, but it always seemed very impressive to me when the girls would know when they were supposed to land on two feet, or when to turn or pick the rock. All the boys always enjoyed watching the girls play it. Looking back, I guess it was a way for the girls to flirt with us. The music is by no means programmatic, one could say that these movements just evoke the feelings and fun I shared with my friends of my childhood of Humboldt Avenue.

This was the second piece that I wrote for the Renaissance City Winds after Jim Whipple and I received our three-year Grant through Meet The Composer back in November of 2001 and was premiered during their 2002-2003 Season. This piece was written in the memory of my friend John "Jack" Sangl.

Efraín Amaya

Instrumentation: Piano sextet for woodwind quintet & piano.

Duration: ca. 7:30


  • Sidewalk Divertimenti - 2003 (woodwind quintet and piano) 15:30 (three movements)

    Full score & parts (5) $65.00
      I - Rayuela  II - Marbles  III - Trompos y Perinolas
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