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Silent Conversations

"Silent Conversations" was written for a short poetic documentary about a filmmaker's relationship with her mother's paintings. This painter happens to be my wife. The combination of the cello's singing qualities, with the poetic imagery of the film was meant to evoke the meditative, introverted process an artist may go through when involved in her creative space. The piece has two distinctive moods; one is very nostalgic and contemplative, while the other is brighter with a dance-like quality.

An interwoven dialogue between the three media echoes the strong artistic connection the three of us share.

Efraín Amaya

I was brought into this world by an artist... a special teacher who taught me to see the magical colors of life. With time, I learned to read the secret messages and thoughts hidden in the infinite layers of paint that live and breath on the canvas.

Silent Conversations" is a glimpse into this artist's moment of creation as we communicate silently through the media in which we work.

Vanessa Briceño. (filmmaker)

Instrumentation: Cello solo and/or 2 cellos version

Duration: ca. 5:30


  • Silent Conversations - 1999 (cello solo)    5:30 (one movement)

    Score $ 10.00
      Silent Conversations

  • Silent Conversations - 1999 (two cellos version)    5:30 (one movement) Score $ 10.00


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